Signs You Need Mould Removal

Mould is a common enemy in every household. When the weather is rainy, or when you live in a moist climate, mould can be an especially tricky enemy. Even in dry climates, water and moisture within the home can create bad scenarios in which mould grows and spreads. In addition to looking bad, mould can smell and make you and your family ill. It can also be a sign of water damage that destroys your home. If you suspect or see any mould in your home, you should contact professional to remove it immediately. Here are common warning signs that you need mould removal:

Walls and Ceilings

Look at your walls for odd stains. In addition, there could be soft spots along the walls, which indicate that there is water damage, and likely mould, somewhere in your home. Also be sure to check close to the doors and windows, as this is a common area where outside moisture enters your home.


Check the floors for odd spots where the floor boards are uneven if you have wood. Discoloration is also a sign of potential moulding due to water leakage. If you notice a smell in any part of your wooden flooring, it could mean that mould is actually growing beneath the floor in the subfloor, and if it isn't stopped, it could continue to spread.


Mould loves water, so you'll want to check your water pipes in your kitchen and bathrooms. If you see corrosion or rust, it could indicate that an amount of water has escaped and created a mould colony somewhere. Look underneath the pipes as well at the floor, and in corners where there are pipes - you may spot the mould in plain sight there.


Believe it or not, the attic may be the major way to determine if you have mould growing in your home. That is because icedams and roof leaks can lead water to seep deep into other ares of your home. If your attic smells overwhelmingly of mould, you should consult a professional mould removal company.

Mould is never a fun issue to deal with. It is unsightly, and the smell is worse. But even more important is that it can cause damage to your family's health and safety via illness or structural decay of your home. Make sure to catch mould as soon as possible and have a professional remove it and bring you peace of mind. For more information, contact a local mould removal company like Sparklean DKI Mould Removal